Infiniti Eau Rouge Concept

Very few corners in the world of Formula 1 racing, or in the racing world in general, can rival the legend of the Eau Rouge, at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. The fast left hander going uphill is truly a sight to behold. One team […]

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2012 Red Bull RB8 F1

Can Sebastian Vettel rewrite history once again by becoming the youngest three-time Formula One World Champion? Red Bull Racing hopes so and this might be the vessel that will take them to the promised land again. The 2012 RB8 also features that ugly duckface, much […]

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Vettel Champ Anew

The pages of auto racing history are constantly being changed by German driver Sebastian Vettel. He and Kinky Kylie (his car’s name) clinched the 2011 Formula One World Championship in Suzuka, Japan with his third-place finish. His closest rival for the crown, Jenson Button, eventually […]

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Coulthard Dirt Run

David Coulthard is out of Grand Prix racing but he’s a shift up among the current F1 pilots as far as the new track in Texas is concerned. He took the 2010 Red Bull F1 car and became the first to run the Circuit of […]

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