Ursula Mayes

She is considered as one of the hottest import Race Queens. She is blessed with a unique Eurasian beauty about her. With Ursula Mayes posing beside a car it’ll make it look trendier. And you definitely can say that you would probably buy whatever car […]

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Jessica Barton

While we are all in favor of having hot girls just about everywhere, Jessica Barton is certainly a disaster waiting to happen. Jessica appears at all sorts of racetracks all over America and tries her best not to cause car wrecks at them. She definitely […]

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Carmella DeCesare

It wasn’t all that long ago that Carmella-DeCesare was working at a title agency just dreaming of the day when she could be a professional model but thinking that it would never happen. Man, how wrong she was about that and we for one are […]

Sumlee Anderson

Sumlee Anderson is one of the hottest up and comers in the import model world. To be honest we are pretty astonished that this is Sumlee’s first appearance on Auto Infection, and as soon as we realized we knew we had to correct it instantly. […]

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Noelani Chase

Noelani Chase is one of those girls whose beauty can only be matched by her sheer strength. She is beautiful and really she is a sweetheart, but she’s not the type of girl that you want to be on the bad side of. There is […]

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Alex Zerega

Alex Zerega is a hot import model that was born and raised in Los Angeles, but don’t let that change your opinion of her, Alex is a real down to earth with a personality that is just as charming as her looks. That’s a pretty […]

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Christina Hall

We literally don’t have the slightest idea how we have never heard of Christina Hall up until now. As they say, better late than never, but we feel like we have been missing out on something big for quite a long time. Oh well, we […]

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Erika Medina

Here at Auto Infection we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to see lots of hot girls on a daily basis. We consider ourselves pretty used to it by now, and pretty unphased by most girls. We just discovered Erika medina however and our […]

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Cora Skinner

Cora Skinner has come a long way in her short modeling career. She is a former Hooters girl who has been modeling for only 3 short years but she has already risen through the ranks to be one of the hottest in the industry. We […]

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Teresa Noreen

We like this Teresa Noreen babe so much, that this is our second time around featuring her on Auto Infection. That’s quite a prestigious honor if you ask us, and we hope that Teresa will find some way to show her appreciation.

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