Xie Ming

Xie Ming is another Asian celebrity and model who’s scorching – takes her first-class curves to new heights. Asian girls are showcasing extreme sexiness that Western boys are not familiar with. Xie Ming is a good example of this discovery of Eastern beauties. Below displays […]

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Gabrielle Tuite

Some girls have dangerous beauty that will captivate you for years. Just like Gabrielle Tuite, an American model and actress best known as the rotating prize model on the U.S. game show The Price Is Right. The long-running show with Gabrielle Tuite hooked warm-blooded viewers […]

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Chrissie Chau

One of the most famous Chinese actresses and models in Hong Kong is the sweet and sexy Chrissie Chau. This young hottie was dubbed as Hong Kong’s most famous lang mo, which means a pseudo-model. Chrissie Chau started pseudo-modeling in 2002 after she garnered the […]

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Hiroko Mori

We find it impressing to know a girl who has an excellent voice, especially if she’s attractive, and that explains why Hiroko Mori is one popular model, gravure idol and singer in Japan. Judging by her looks, who would have thought that she was already […]

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Simone Villas Boas

Just like her older sister Diana, Simone Villas Boas also decided to enter the world of fashion, and why not? She has all it takes to become successful, a stunning 33-23-34 figure, long attractive legs and unique looks. She was born on January 1, 1987 […]

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Pania Rose

The flaming sexy and beautiful Australian model Pania Rose appeared on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in 2006. She took up drama classes at Edith Cowan University in Perth, but answered another call from the modeling world. Pania Rose had worked with top fashion brands […]

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Yang Qi Han

With her charming face and alluring figure, Yang Qi Han, a.k.a. Isabella is now considered as the new Otaku goddess. She’s an actress, model and singer born on December 22, 1991 in Shandong, China. This cutie posed with a World Cup ball to attract visitors […]

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Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker, like any other girl, loves to go to the shopping mall. And that’s exactly where she was discovered. She was then given a chance to be featured not just in magazines but also in music videos and TV. She’s one of the hot […]

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Jennifer Hawkins

The 2010 Miss Universe pageant has just ended but here in AutoInfection, the raining of beautiful girls has just started. And talking about beauty, we present you Miss Universe 2004, Jennifer Hawkins. She was born in Newcastle, Australia as the youngest child in her family. […]

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Amanda Corey

This hot babe from Huntington Beach, California surely knows how to make use of her beauty and wisdom. After graduating from the University of Arizona, she focused on modeling, exposing her deadly curves. Amanda Corey was first seen on national TV when she joined season […]

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