Ashley Sarto

Ashley Sarto is a super hot import model, but at heart she’s just a down to earth midwestern girl. She grew up in St. Charles, Illinois, which is only about 45 minutes from downtown Chicago, but could be worlds away because Ashley says the closest […]

Alex Zerega

Alex Zerega is a mixed race hottie from Lakewood California, that looks as lvoely away from a car as she does on top of the hood. Alex says that she can speak sign language fluently, which is much better than us as we only know […]

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Corissa Furr

Here is one of the hottest up and coming import models, Corissa Furr. Can you believe that Corissa didn’t think that she had what it takes to become a model at all? Some girls must buy broken mirrors or something. We look forward to seeing […]

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Aiko Tanaka

Aiko Tanaka should be a familiar face to most of you, having appeared in Fast and the Furious 3 Tokyo Drift as well as many Howard Stern appearances. Aiko can breakdance, use nuchukus, and can speak Japanese, and also claims that men don’t flirt with […]

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Sasha Singleton

Sasha Singleton is a little bit of a blast from the past, but she is definitely still on point. Sasha has been in everywhere from Playboy to car shows and isn’t afraid to show it all, and we aren’t afraid to look either. Sasha says […]

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Joyce Lex

Joyce Lex is an import model that is originally from Hong Kong, but now resides in San Diego, CA. Joyce claims to be a great shot with a rifle, and can hit a target from 100 yards away, so make sure not to get her […]

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Mary J. Castillo

Mary J. Castillo is a hot model on the import scene that has recently grabbed our attention. Mary is originally from Long Beach, but does shows all over. Mary says that she loves to cook a good steak and claims that it would make her […]

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Francine Dee

Francine Dee has certainly made a name for herself since her humble beginnings. Francine is known as one of the best, hottest and most popular import models on the scene, but now has mostly moved onto to bigger things like Playboy and even movies. Francine […]

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Courtney Day

Courtney Day is a hot blonde import model from Los Angeles. Courtney says that she is really into cars and used to have an Eclipse with air suspension and Lambo doors. She says she knows it’s not most people’s style, but she liked it, and […]

Mischja Moreau

If Mischja Moreau is anything, it’s multi-talented. Not only is Mischja a super hot import model and a DJ, but she is about to graduate with a degree in biology. That means, that Mischja is not planning on relying on her looks to get her […]

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