Randyl Dawn

Randyl Dawn is one of the hottest models on the import scene, which is really saying a lot because there is a whole slew of hotties on the import model scene. Randyl just has something special that we can’t quite put our finger on, but […]

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Candace Pittman

In a world dominated by Asian girls, the import modeling scene, Candace Pittman really stands out, not like a sore thumb, in a very, very good way. She says she got into the scene because she just loves fast cars, which works for us, because […]

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Beckie Joon

Beckie Joon is a super hot import model that has quite an unusual talent as far as import models go. Beckie is an excellent Cello player, and it kind of makes us wonder how this tiny girl can even hold the large cello, much less […]

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Alanna Kolette

Check out this previous winner of Miss Hot Import Nights, and you will instantly know why she was awarded such a title. Originally born in Texas, Alanna Kolette moved to Miami to further advance her modeling career, and it looks like she made a good […]

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Tracy Nova

With a name like Tracy Nova, you already know that you are in for something. With a body like Tracy Nova’s all thoughts and doubts just go out the window, and you just succumb to her beauty. This is one lady that can’t do anything […]

Angela Sommers

Angela Sommers is the previous winner of the Hot Import Nights Nightshift at the Nightshift New York Show in 2008. It’s not hard to see why Angela could easily go home with a home with a trophy, she is gorgeous, with an incredible body to […]

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Kathy Gardiner

Kathy Gardiner is a hot up and coming import model that has also landed herself a gig on the show Deal or No Deal. Although spelled a bit differently, could you imagine having Kathy Gardiner as your real gardener? Everyday you could look outside and […]

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Natalia Jeanpierre

Natalie Jeanpierre has it all going on for her. She is of Spanish, French and African-American origin which just may be the greatest combination that we have ever heard of or seen. Just look at her pictures they definitely speak for themselves.

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Martina Ivezaj

Being named Miss Tuning 2010 and beating out 350 other contestants for the spot is quite an accomplishment, but when you got the looks and the body that Martina Ivezaj does, it’s all in a days work. This will get her in the 2010 calendar, […]

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Nani Nicole

Here’s an experiment for you. Go get 5 different types of your 5 favorite ethnic foods and mix them together in a bowl. Probably looks prety gross right? Probably doesn’t taste any better. Luckily for us people are much different than food and mixing different […]

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