Khloe Terae

South Africa and Mexico are just two of our favorite places as far as girls are concerned. Those two nations have provided some of the finest female specimens that we have seen. Khloe Terae, curiously enough, isn’t from either countries. She’s Canadian but she was […]

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Elena Semikina

Canada is quite in the spotlight in the world of motoring now, no thanks to that Ferrari deciding to take a swim at the Targa Newfoundland (see article below). To make up for that devastating news, we’re featuring a Canadian to take your mind off […]

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Dina Pandzic

Bosnia may be the last place you’d look if you wanna find a hot model. But that could be a terrible oversight since the country has its share of hotties, though you may wanna look behind your back more often. Case in point is Dina […]

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Mandy Monroe

Russia and China share a very long border, so it’s no surprise that each nation’s citizens will inevitably cross paths. And the results are just spectacular, like Mandy Monroe. She was the feature girl in the International Bike Show/Super Show last January and the reason […]

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