Analu Campos

First time visitor to our garage is the fantastically-beautiful Analu Campos. She’s blazing up blog sites from near and far, with her latest work for Feba Swimwear of Poland and other brands. This Brazilian babe is no stranger to campaigns though, having signed up for […]

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Luiza Freyesleben

At long last after so much waiting, our internet radar has detected another Brazilian treasure. Gorgeous Luiza Freyesleben is brimming with sexiness that we can’t hold our excitement to have her in our page. She’s a 25-year old model that looks really seductive wearing tight […]

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Caren Souza

Caren Souza is a Brazilian bombshell you should know. Though she’s not that popular, she’s worth our time because she just way too irresistible and hot. She’s just perfect, you know. There’s little info about her on the web except that she’s a hot model. […]

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Fernanda Prada

Get ready, for here’s a chick that will blow you away. Her name is Fernanda Prada, an uber hot Brazilian with bodacious body and alluring appeal. She’s a supermodel who has been featured in quite a few magazines and runways internationally. Look at her, and […]

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Lisalla Montenegro

Guys, meet Lisalla Montenegro, an uber hot Brazilian model who looks absolutely jawdropping. By the way, her hotness alone can melt a glacier. Check her out as she poses for Aerie, showing her drool-inducing curves, making her a true definition of “drop dead sexy”.

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Claudia Colucci

Those who teased and mocked her in high school must be spanking themselves silly right now. That’s because Claudia Colucci not only turned out to be a lovely swan like this, but she has the body that most other girls would kill just to have. […]

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Gabriela Correa

Gabriela Correa Brace yourselves for this hot moment with Brazilian model Gabriela Correa. I don’t know much about the past of this blonde chick because the resources about her are scarce. However, I do know that she’s 21 years old and she’s a total bombshell […]

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Talita Correa

If you want to attract a hottie like Talita Correa, you better be intelligent. Yes, Talita stated that she’s easily attracted to men who are intelligent, as she considers intelligence, sexy. This Brazilian model is not a geek or something. She’s not just your typical […]

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Patricia Beck

Patricia Beck really has the sex appeal any man can’t resist. This hot Brazilian model looks really sweet and charming, but at the same time tempting, seductive, and hot. She’s really so damn hot especially when she wears skimpy lingerie. She may not be as […]

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Juliana Paes

Meet this hot Brazilian model and actress. Juliana Paes, on top of her Brazilian blood, has Black, Arab, and Amerindian descent which explains her exotically sexy beauty and figure. She’s best known for her works in several telenovelas in Brazil. Now, enjoy watching her unique […]

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