Erin Heatherton

When we talk about a Victoria’s Secret models, we don’t have to explain anything. Erin Heatherton is also one of said angels of Victoria’s Secret. She has everything that an angel should have: natural good looks, toned body, fabulous figure and lot more. This 24-year-old […]

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Terra Jo Wallace

Terra Jo Wallace is back once more because she never ceases to delight us in many ways. This 23-year old model from Los Angeles started her career four years ago. From modeling swimwear and lingerie, she now also accepts projects for runway, hosting, commercials and […]

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Jehane Paris

This American hottie can get you all sweaty and drooling. So you better list her name down because you’ll surely go asking for more after you witness her beauty and hotness. Jehane Paris is a fashion model by profession. She’s noted for her drop-dead gorgeous […]

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Hope Dworaczyk

When you have Hope, you don’t need anything else, because Hope is really stunning and hot. Don’t get me wrong, we are talking about American model, Hope Dworaczyk. She rose to fame when she became Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month and 2010 Playmate of […]

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Daniella Alonso

Daniella Alonso Here’s another American actress whom we might have noticed in the films she appeared in primarily due to her beauty, hotness, and mouth-watering figure. But that’s not to say that she’s all body and beauty, she’s also a very talented actress. Daniella Alonso […]

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Lily Aldridge

Nobody else can look so hot and beautiful in lingerie, other than Lily Aldridge. And that is what makes her Victoria’s Secret Angel. This 26-year-old model has graced the pages of magazines like Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, and Elle Girl. She has a long list […]

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Samantha Gradoville

Samantha Gradoville shines bright and beautiful as the crystal clear Caribbean waters with this new photo shoot of hers with Vogue Latin America. Her wet and summer-perfect look can surely make the summer hotter. She definitely does not just sizzles, but shimmers as well.

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Aimee Teegarden

Aimee Teegarden Aimee Teegarden is a young and sweet American actress. And this sweetness of hers is paired with her sizzling hotness, perfect curves and humps, and irresistible beauty. She was that hot chic in the film Scream 4. Aside from being an actress, she’s […]

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Brooke Perry

Brooke Perry Offering effortless beauty is the lovely Brooke Perry. The American model hasn’t gained that much ground in the scene but we’re looking to change that. From bridal gowns to everyday outfits, Brooke has shown that she can make those items of clothing look […]

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Erin Wasson

Erin Wasson Gentlemen, prepare yourself, because you are about to see a super hot goddess. Erin Wasson is an uber sexy, gorgeous, and beautiful American fashion model. She is also an actress and has appeared in quite a number of films. Aside from these, she’s […]

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