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A clash of automotive titans are unveiling right before our very eyes. The Bugatti Veyron shattered so many records when it was unveiled, including the fastest speed ever clocked by a production car. Shelby SuperCars quickly eclipsed it with their SSC Ultimate Aero. But the record was short-lived when Bugatti once again shattered the record with their Veyron SuperSports 16:4. Now, the initiative is with Shelby and they’re revealing the car that might vanquish the Bugatti’s record once more. The yet-unnamed car, codenamed ‘Next Generation’, will be powered by a 6.8-liter, twin-turbo V8 that produces a colossal 1,350 horses. At just 2,600 pounds, the Jason Castriota-styled car is expected to travel 275mph, overtaking the Veyron. Speed doesn’t come cheap though so prepare to hold your breath on the price and exclusivity of this future Veyron-killer. ~$970,000.

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