Aiko Tanaka

Aiko Tanaka should be a familiar face to most of you, having appeared in Fast and the Furious 3 Tokyo Drift as well as many Howard Stern appearances. Aiko can breakdance, use nuchukus, and can speak Japanese, and also claims that men don’t flirt with […]

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Check out this new SUV model from BMW which has just been spotted out on the road. The car is expected to use a mixture of 1 series and 3 series parts. This car is actually expected to be pretty cheap by BMW standards coming […]

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Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

Ferrari believes both in passion and in keeping up with the times through research. They value the researcher’s minds so much that their own Chairman, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo is selling his personal ride through an auction for research fellowship. His car, a 599 GTB […]

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125mpg 3 Wheel Diesel Electric Car

125 MPG is a reality in these days and times, which means your trips to the gas station could come as infrequently as once per month. Now here’s the real kicker, the car only has 3 wheels, which we are still trying to figure out […]

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Chevrolet Spark

The world of car enthusiasts will be welcoming Chevy’s upcoming entry in the minicar segment with the all new 2012 Chevrolet Spark. Inspired by the Chevy Beat concept, the new mini comes in a body smaller than a Honda Fit which makes it on top […]

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Sasha Singleton

Sasha Singleton is a little bit of a blast from the past, but she is definitely still on point. Sasha has been in everywhere from Playboy to car shows and isn’t afraid to show it all, and we aren’t afraid to look either. Sasha says […]

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2010 Corvette ZR1

GM has just announced that the new model of the Corvette ZR1 will receive a price raise of $2,910 for the 2010 sticker price compared to the 2009 model. WHen you think about it, that is still a bargain, being that the car is still […]

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2011 Ford Mustang

One of America’s favorite cars is back and this year it will be packing something underneath the hood that everyone can get excited about. This year the Ford Mustang will feature a 3.7 liter engine compared to last years 3.5, which is only a slight […]

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Wiesmann Roadster MF4

This retro coupe has been made in celebration of Wiesmann’s 20th Anniversary. It sports a soft top that collapses on the rear parcel shelf and the classic looks is never obsolete. Housing a modified version of the BMW M3’s 4.0-liter V8 engine, Wiesmann calls it […]

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Gaby Dela Merced: Racing Cutie

Nothing’s hotter than a girl that knows how to race. Filipina F3 racer Gaby Dela Merced is cute, sexy and kicks major butt in racing. Gaby is one of the few Filipinas to enter the Asian Formula 3 Circuit and compete for a full season, […]

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