2013 Toyota GT86 GT4 Racecar

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2013 Toyota GT86 GT4 Racecar
2013 Toyota GT86 GT4 Racecar

The epic sports car from Toyota has now been turned into a monster for the race track. The 2013 Toyota GT86 GT4 Racecar is the race car version of the GT86. This big transformation has been made possible with the help of GPRM, a pioneer of motorsport engineering. It comes with a more aerodynamic design with its new side skirts, larger bumpers, and high speed-perfect rear wing. It also comes with a 2.0-liter direct injection turbocharged four-cylinder Boxer engine, which makes it really perfect for racing. It will also have a special set of high-performance tires from Avon. Look forward to seeing this GT4 Racecar on the tracks sometime this month. $TBA.

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