2010 Victory Vision 8-Ball

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2010 Victory Vision 8 Ball
The 2010 Victory Vision 8-Ball is one hot motorcycle that is always ready for a cruise. With its lower saddle height and center of gravity body the handling and cornering is perfect. The body is painted with pitch black giving this car a head-turner appeal and can run up to 200 miles per 38 gallons of fuel. Also it is equipped with a two-tiered saddle that can give you comfort and suitable for long cruising on the road. Traffic is also not a problem with 2010 Victory Vision 8-Ball because of its rear break system that is hydraulically link to its front that is admiring for its nice and slow quick braking.

2010 Victory Vision 8 Ball

2010 Victory Vision 8 Ball

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One Comment to “2010 Victory Vision 8-Ball”

  1. 06-28-2010 at 10:03 pm
    Larry Crockett

    I have had one of these for two weeks and put about a thousand miles on it. I traded in a Kingpin that I liked but I needed more bike. I also have had a Gold Wing for 8 years, so I have big-bike experience.

    Some people might view this as a plain, stripper bike. I view it as an elegant blank canvas on which to put what you want. I added cruise control, electric windshield, passenger backrest, luggage rack, HID headlights, comfort grips, and windshield lowers. I did not put on a driver backrest since the seat is so deeply dished–I don’t believe it needs it.

    I put in Mobil 1 for air cooled v-twins at 500 miles, switched to non-oxygenated gas, and the bike is remarkably smooth. Its low center of gravity means it handles very well. The torque is a pleasure and the cruise control works flawlessly. My wife loves the back seat accommodations and she knows all about the Gold Wing.

    The bike is a blast to ride, even two up, and we are planning all kinds of trips. I think it is much less likely that I will dump this bike than is the case for my top-heavy Gold Wing which sits 5″ higher. I still like the GW but this is a leaner, meaner interstate tourer that is now my favorite.

    It’s not hard to find this bike for $16.8K and dealers will deal on the upgrades. There is now a 2-year warranty. This is a good price for such a fine bike.

    Highly recommended.

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